Cebu: Hello 25th

It’s a very quiet afternoon, I thought this is a perfect time to write something.

There is so much to tell because there are many exciting things that happened since my last blog post. But, ironically speaking, I don’t have a topic in particular right now. I just want to write something worth sharing. So maybe my last vacation?

My last vacation was in August — a birthday vacation actually.

Me and Andrew went to Cebu. It was a 4-day vacation and it was a blast! I’m so happy I got the chance to make that trip happen. We’ve spent a month of planning because it was a backpacking trip. You know how backpackers are. They have their own downs but generally it was a success. I’m pretty proud of ourselves to accomplish so many in a limited time and budget.

We could have paid a travel agency for it but I preferred to backpack. Our itinerary, our rules. We have tested our limits and capabilities because isn’t traveling about self-discoveries? I think that’s one good way to know your self a little bit more.

I took time to plan the vacation because I wanted to make it extra special. I want to welcome the quarter life with full of positives vibes. To me, it felt like it’s a huge transition.  The best way I know to do it, is to travel.

Travelling is kinda addicting. If only I have all the time and money in the world, I wouldn’t be home right now.
We were in Sumilon Island. It was a very peaceful place so I grabbed the opportunity to meditate. In my mind I traveled backwards, I remembered the good times, my favorite moments and the scariest ones too. By the pool, I was unconsciously smiling because I thought it was one hell of a journey and that I’m actually winning in life at twenty-five. So tell me, what else should I ask for?

We had the best memories in Cebu. Photos will not even do it justice. I look forward to many backpacking trips while I’m young, wild and free. (Yeah, you got, that’s a song lyric.)


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