A Basic Closet Story

I’ve always wanted a fashion tab for this blog until today.

The boyfriend and I will hang out some place nice and have lunch together so I have to pick a nice outfit.

So, I stare at my closet, dig and dig and dig.. Geez, it’s so hard but this is the normal me looking for a good combination of clothing. After two hours, I have finally decided what to put on.

I haven’t told you, there’s not much to try on my closet.

75% of  my closet are PJs

10% office uniform

5% underwear

…and the other 10% are maybe worth the Instagram #OOTD (if matched correctly).  You see, that’s how boring my closet is. Ugh girl, the struggle is real on weekend getaways.

This is my best effort look. (Is that Kendall Jenner? Ah no, it’s just me. lol)


White tee, ripped jeans and white sneakers. I’m not really good at mixing accessories so I grabbed my bowling bag to add a little femininity on the look. Yay or nay?

Yep. That’s the two-hour closet raid I was talking about.

I went for this look because it is safe and comfortable and basically, I love basics. It’s my style go-to.

A fashion tab for all my fashion “basicality” would be meaningless. Plus, I can’t imagine my self taking that much time for a set of nice pair of outfit just for blogging. It’s just not for me. Stick with the beach, girl.


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