The Bullet Proof me

This story will go to the list of the things that I’m proud I have experienced. The sentence would go like.. ‘One time, I was once that person carrying millions of money escorted by armed guys with bullet proof vests,  carried by an armored van’. Yeah, like in the movies. Sounds cool enough for me for I don’t get to do this a lot.

I was tasked to do it because the guy who’s supposed to be in the post has been promoted so no one’s left to do the job and they chose me which I was a bit privileged to do too. We’ve traveled by cargo ships (the ones that carry cars) because basically we are from an island. It was a long drive back and forth. No stopping. Literally, no stopping no matter what happens until the cash is properly handed over to the other armored van waiting for us bound for main cash center located in the city. That’s the protocol.

And because it was country’s election season I realized, we realized, it’s going to be 5 times  or maybe 10 times  more risky. Thinking about that last cash transfer ambush of a different bank in the city makes me want to back out. But at the same time, I feel challenged and excited too.

Everything is a huge deal whenever life and death is involved. For some this might sound like ordinary, but to me this is something worth remembering and telling my grand children in the future.

I complain a lot about my job but maybe I should focus on seeing the good things and unique experiences rather than the other way around. Instead of complicating the complicated, why not divert things to the positive ones. Like the experiences that I’m pretty sure would come handy in my future plans.

You know what, working in the bank isn’t that bad, despite of all the stress and  bad shots I can still mention many things that are great about being there. Like..

…meeting genius businessmen that always inspire me to do better even though things are tougher.

…if some of our client’s (whose assets are almost impossible) can manage to keep their feet on the ground, I too, should.

…the ability to persevere, that I believe should belong to my ‘mastered skills’ by now and a lot more..

but what I like best — I feel worthy of something, I feel important.

Overtime, I think I’ve grown so much as a person and that I’ve earned and only deserved that bullet proof state today. So life, I’m  ready for yah, try and shoot.


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