“Oh, why do we like to hurt so much…” Because I love the pain, Hailey Williams.

Check this out!

This is what I’ve been busy about lately. I hit the gym atleast 4 times for a month now. Those bruises were from boxing, and boy do I love every pain it brings. I’m a little masochist on that part eh?

As of last week, I weigh 60.0 kls. That’s my heaviest since forever. My clothes doesn’t fit right anymore and I need to do something about it.

I work out not because I hate my body, but because I love it so much I need to be in my right shape, gain my confidence back, be fit and healthy. Also, I’m happy to be making healthy food choices again. I hope this will be for good.


One thought on “Trying

  1. I love the heavy bag but if you’re bruising and splitting your knuckles, pick a glove with a heavier weight. I was injuring myself with 10oz so went bigger and that helped. No injuries for a while! Good luck

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