Anna and the French Kiss: Random Thoughts

“I just been to Paris!” Yeah, that kind of feeling when I finished the book. And, because I love to travel, meet people and be in a completely different place, I’m giving it 4 stars.


I’m not really after the french kiss. Because, first hand, I know what it is and how it’s done (whoahh). It’s Etienne. I am totally head over heels for him. He’s so hot and perfect you’ll know he’s a fiction. Hahaha. He has this nice hair, touch of french, and ughh! Sexy English accent. He’s the kind of guy you’d sneak out at midnight for.

Other thing that I loved about the book is the setting. It’s Paris. It’s in everybody’s wish list, right? I think the story was told great because it felt like I, too, was walking around the magical streets of Paris. So kudos to Stephanie Perkins for that. I’m gonna read her other books too. 

Downside: Well, I hate the cheating part. There could have been other way to end St. Clair’s relationship with Ellie. 

But all in all, loved it! Will read Some more from Perkins. Happy reading! 😊


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