Once Upon A Time I Purchased Something Online

I was once in the IT industry but afraid to purchase online. I’m too paranoid to do so. And why shop through the internet if I can go to the nearby store anyway.

But, now that I am no way near ‘anywhere’, I considered the so-called online shopping. It was a trial, so I played safe. I ordered for a book from National Bookstore. 

This was the first time, so I had to choose a legit seller (NBS is a very popular bookstore here in the Philippines.) Of course, I preferred to get cheap item. You don’t want to risk big amount of money for trial, do you?

So it cost me P579.00 online. That includes the book, insurance, handling and the shipping fee. Buying it yourself straight from the store costs only P350. It has a big difference, but I totally understand. It’s online and it’s for lazy asses and for someone like me with no easy access to shopping centers. 

Also, I used my credit card to order. It was my first time to use it online too. It feels risky for me. Really. Before I do the acts, of course, I made sure the website I’m in was legit and safe. Guess I wasn’t that dummy dummy ’cause the book arrived 5 days later. 

I anticipated this so much the whole week that first thing I always ask my mom when I get home from work is “anything for me from courier?” Hahaha. 

I just knew it would work. Hahahaha. I’m purchasing again soon. I love online shopping now!

P.S. I just finished the book. I loved it so much. I must make a blog post about it. 


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