One Summer (Boracay 2015)

I thought I’m never gonna get away for  this year’s summer. Vacation leave is hard to get (bankers will know).

Planning is really funny, I talked about  this trip with so many people in so many times, gave dates, itinerary and calculated the budget. All of it didn’t work out for so many reasons. Until one night before I went to bed, I just thought, “fuck it, I’m going!”, then, tadaa!!! Boracay for 2 – booked!

I have imagined this trip with my girl friends but it just won’t happen so I went with the boyfriend instead. It’s still the best! 😊

The very first thing that I actually wanna do when I’m miles away from home is to dress up like myself. 😂 You know, like, wear whatever the hell I want. From where I’m from,  it’s so hard to break free.

My number one frustration: longer legs 😂

I’m really glad that we got the chance to do this. This is farthest we’ve been as a couple, so far.

You should know that I have a thing for sunsets. Boracay sunset was just so awesome it got me dancing around like crazy.


Aside from enjoying the beachfront, walking barefoot to the famous groto, and swimming, we also tried some extreme activities like parasailing and helmet diving.

The fun didn’t stop 24/7. Boracay has a really good night life. We watched firedancers, drank our beers and listen to some nice music live and see people have a good effin time too. It was all fun!

I was thinking, this should happen more often because, well, life is short and this existence will only happen once, let’s live it!

Boracay, you’ve been awesome! We’ll see you again. ✌🏼️


One thought on “One Summer (Boracay 2015)

  1. Wow.. Really awesome Blogs! Thanks for sharing this.. I always remember the beauty of Boracay! How I really love the sunset! Mouth watering foods! The water and land activities.. And don’t miss those night parties in Boracay! And end your day with a comfy and peaceful room.. Ah,.. And again start your day with a delicous breakfast.. I actually stayed at The Orient Beach Boracay, it really made my stay in Boracay special,it was newly opened Hotel and its affordable too you can check it in so many Travel Agency.. I really miss Boracay!! Can’t wait to see you again!!

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