Catching up!

Heyya! It was my birthday yesterday. My friends and family had a simple celebration. I want to thank God for everything. I can’t put into words how thankful I am for everything I have and I am today. I already retired from being the drama queen of the house so let’s keep this short this way. I love you, God. 

Another misplaced scroll you just missed. Hahaha. Since I left Manila, so many things came up and passed as well. I work now in a bank as a teller. No big adjustments in my location and with the people around, da hell, I grew up here. What else, I’m living with my family again which saves me from paying rents. Ooohh yeahhhh! But, I pay the house’ internet bill. 🙂 

My boyfriend is home, too, he makes my life easier. I’m happy living a very simple life now but not forgetting my dreams. Still waiting for that perfect time to run!’

Til next time,



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