Leaked: Secret Video on my Hard Drive

Most of my secrets can be found on my hard drive, you know, notes of silly plans, stupid pictures and of course, some embarrassing videos that somehow I want to keep forever. Today, I am revealing one. It is now uploaded on YouTube for my brothers to laugh at. I don’t know, just been so inspired to make a decent video so it’s not too embarrassing for viewers. Or is it? Hahaha. I’d also like to add that me singing on YouTube is another first for me, so this counts as something historical. (Darn, I love history!) I’m not even sure if I have to ask for my parents permission to do it. 😛

Of all the videos, why did I choose this one for public viewing (like I’m some popular YouTube kid)? First of all, it’s meant to be watched by someone. Yes, yes, and yes, it is for someone I dearly love. Second, it has the most decent video quality compare to my other videos. Third, I recorded this a thousand times (I should love it enough to upload it). And lastly, I’m wearing make up, I mean, come on! There’s more to see on my hard drive but I’m afraid this video would be the only one available for now. I started making homemade videos in college; they’re old now and I sing in most of them so there’s not much to look forward. Hey, you know what’s interesting? It’s seeing my self changing so much in the past years (Physically and musically?! Hahaha.) 😉 Please watch it and.. force yourselves to give it a thumbs up.

Big thanks, guys! xoxo

P.S. For those who are asking about my shows, I sing live in the bathroom, Mondays thru Friday, 7AM. Saturday and Sunday you can find me singing in the bathroom again at 10AM. Ciao!


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