Churros From Out of the Blue


Feel like I betrayed my friend Jacque when I made these churros withour her.  It was her who came up with the idea. We both agreed that we’ll be baking it together but something happened which I cannot tell you, I just need to bake (it is such a good therapy.) I can’t come up with my own that day so I went for churros. So, Jacque hahaha I’m sorry.

If you’re new to baking I recommend that you try churros. It’s so easy to make. For the chocolate dip I made, I’m not very satisfied with its taste and consistency. Mom told me I should’ve melted the brown sugar a little longer in the sauce pan.

I’m so loving baked food right now. I just googled other pastries that I could try at home and I can’t wait to share it here. Ciao!


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