Newest Obsession: DIY Projects


Is it normal to not have a permanent hobby? Or like something fun and keep on doing it until the feeling is gone. Because if someone asks me what are my hobbies, I always start with the words “My recent hobby is…” If there’s no such thing as recent hobby, then I don’t know what else to call it. If you’re loving it, what else matters?

I’ve liked some DIY pages on Facebook and been following many DIY blogs. For me, it’s very entertaining and fun to learn and to look at, but I’ve never actually tried one my self. Most of them are T-shirt making (screen print, re-doing, sewing), jewelry DIY, and rooms make overs. At the end of the day, it would all fall down to making it “personalized”.

When it’s gift giving, some think of rushing to the mall. Me? I instantly think of making something that can’t be bought from any where. So, I think of something really customized. When I was younger, I like to give cards with my art on it. Yeah, I’m old school and.. err.. emotional and sentimental. I think I could benefit a lot from this new hobby of mine. Stay with me and let’s see how long it would last.

My recent hobby is bracelet making. I preferred to say ‘bracelet’ instead of ‘jewelry’ because the only materials available now are for bracelets. Hahaha. This feeling is very sudden actually.

My boyfriend and I went out shopping. As we were looking for sequins, we passed by a gift shop, which the name I forgot, that sells jewelry making supplies, hoping that we could purchase a sequins there. They have a very tiny entrance, you’ll barely notice it. But when we got inside, oh boy, was it huge!

Definitely great finds are there that I can’t decide which to pick. So I ended up with few adorable beads and ties. Also we needed to leave early, my boyfriends needs to catch his trip. We didn’t find what we were looking for in there but at least if I want to make some nice accessories, I know where to go now.

I did a little research of what will I need to get started. So maybe next weekend I will go back to that store again. By the way, their products are cheap, you’ll be encouraged to buy. For someone who tries to live a frugal life,  this is perfect.


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