The Oatmeal Challenge

I’m not a big fan of oats so why am I doing this? First, health reasons. Second, I love challenges. Third, I have a buddy. And lastly, I have to. Shiela (office mate) and I will be doing this together for a week. I encouraged her to do the same to make the challenge challenging. I just want to know how far can I withstand the taste of oats, to be honest.

Another thing, I want to practice a healthy diet (atleast for almost a week). Hahaha. No, seriously, nobody can tell, this might be the start of living a healthy lifestyle. One step at a time, remember that! This challenge will last for 5 days only and it’s up to us if we would continue after. They come in different flavors so maybe all I have to do is give it time for me to appreciate it. You know, sometimes, things are just in our minds.

I eat junk food a lot and been drinking soda almost everyday, too, which I’m not used to. As much as possible, I want to avoid soda. I can actually go a week or month without it, but when it’s available on my table, I don’t make a pass. Diabetes runs in the blood as well, though I don’t have one but being extra careful will not cause me a sweat.

I got a confession to make. I only eat oats when I need to. I only poop twice a week. Can you imagine how complicated it is? It’s freakin’ painful!!!! Sometimes, I don’t want to poop anymore because I’m afraid it would be painful again. I think only people of the same situation will understand. Oats doesn’t fully resolve the problem, it just helps. If it does take away the pain, then I am probably eating oatmeal everyday. So you see, no matter how bad oatmeal tastes on my tongue, I just can never let it go.

We will be starting the challenge this coming Monday. By the way, we would only eat it once a day, and that’s lunch, at the office. We’ll bring oatmeal instead of our usual lunch meal.

I already got mine ready for next week. They’re in different flavors in attempt to successfully finish the challenge up to the last day. One step at a time! πŸ˜‰ Updates will follow. Have a great weekend, everyone!



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