Happy Anniversary From My Room With Love

happy 1st annivExactly a year since I’ve started this blog. Thank you for that reminder. But along with this token comes irony– failures. I started this blog, full of hopes and dreams. I’ve chosen WordPress to be my witness as I reach goals. Now, I can add this milestone in my never ending list of frustrations.

I thought I would be publishing my blog’s first anniversary post all the way from London. The given time frame was a year. Inside a tea house where the windows are glass, I can see the Westminster, and the red double decker bus passing by, I would publish the blog I have written some months ago but apparently.. I’m still here.. in my room. That means I’ll have to wait for another I-don’t-know long months/years to publish it. Long story, I don’t want to explain further. This is also the reason why I changed the name of this blog, new blog, new aim.

I don’t self pity because that’s for losers. I am just stating the obvious. I want to be fair and transparent with what is on my blog. I didn’t build an outlet solely for accomplishments, happy times and positive things but about reality and how bad it hurts when it slaps.

If that pushed through, things I have now, which I am very thankful for, may not have come. Countless occasions and parties that I could have missed, I could have not understand the art of understanding, and have a good cry afterwards. I could have not felt the feelings I didn’t know existed. Appreciate my family in a grown-up way and missed the must-learn lessons in life. All this for not landing a foot in London. Worth it!

Still, it is a wonderful anniversary!


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