Cooking is Not a Hard Job After All

Pork Steak

I hate stereotyping but aren’t woman supposed to be great in the kitchen? I have to admit that I’m not a huge fan of cooking but at least I’m trying. Cooking is a real challenge for me. I didn’t grow up cooking at home but I’m quite good at something else like washing the dishes.

Andrew, my boyfriend, is an excellent cook. He used to cook for my parents back home and eat together for dinner. I even call him my personal chef for his exceptional talent in the kitchen (I’m not exaggerating.) That is a big factor why I want to learn. It’s the pressure that pushes me to get into cooking. So, last weekend I was up for the challenge. I tried to cook Pork Steak for lunch. I chose that dish because I think that it’s easy to prepare.

By the way, Andrew will be staying in Manila, too. He’ll be working here again and that made me even more excited because we’ll be near each other. I was thinking I will cook for him as welcome and… for a change!

YouTube had been very helpful. I was watching video tutorials the night before, then, early morning I went to supermarket to get what I need. Of course, I invited Andrew to come over. He came early and saw me in action. I don’t know but instead of feeling so girl because I was holding the spatula, I feel shy. Hahaha.

It was eating time and to be perfectly honest, I was trying to impress the guy. He said it was okay and that it looks good and smells good and stuff. He never lie. I’m not sure if the taste is good for him though. It tastes a little sweet.. hmmm.. ok.. too sweet for a Pork Steak. But for me, it wasn’t bad after all. So, that makes me happy already.

He told me that it’s fine for him if I can’t cook because he can already do it. That’s not okay for me. And it’s such a shame that I’m the girl and I can’t even make a perfectly fried egg (Often, I forget to put salt on it, yeah, I’m that bad.) It’s sweet if the guy will cook for his girl but you don’t want the case to be like that all the time. I just want to be able to cook good for someone else someday. Not just for Andrew but for my parents, as well. I’m certain that they would love to see me being busy in the kitchen.

We can’t depend on someone else to cook for us forever, no matter how willing they are. At some point, we have to learn it to return the favor. For us to learn it, let’s try.

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2 thoughts on “Cooking is Not a Hard Job After All

  1. I’m certainly impressed by this meal, it looks gorgeous! Regarding women being skilled cooks, ehh. I know plenty of women who hate cooking and guys who love it. Seems like the stereotype is slowly changing to me. Besides, there are so many male chefs!

    1. Thanks, Emilia! Yeah, I observed that too. I also want to learn cooking not just for the reason that I’m a girl but because it’s practical. You don’t want to eat dinner outside everyday. Thanks for commenting! 😀

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