My High School Diary

Today is awesomeness! I’m just so so happy I need to blog it. I’m feeling that I might be back home now but I’m closer to my dreams than I was yesterday..

I found my high school sort of diary dated 2006. I was about to burn it for some reasons. I flipped through the pages and then NO I should keep it. There are pages that I’m just like “Oh no I did not write this!!” and “I didn’t know I knew this stuff back then.”

Six years ago is a long time ago already, isn’t it? There were sentences I wish I never wrote hahaha. Random things a high school girl would feel, see, experience, it’s all there. Most are embarrassing but hey it’s me, it was the real me who’s writing it. I mean, I’ve never been as true as that to myself. Guess if you wanna ask me things and wanna know the real answer, steal that diary! But no, I’m not gonna let you do that hahaha. Most of the content was funny to me now but, I know I was serious when I wrote them down.

It’s really funny, you have no idea, I can sell it but it’s priceless! So I decided not to burn it, I’ll keep it and read it if I wanna remind my self that I was once an innocent girl and that I am what I am today because of what was written there.

In relate to this blog page, the travelling, I discovered that my bucket list which I started last year was not the first one. This diary is actually the original version. And the ‘places- I-wanna-go-to list’ was originally written there too, which is way before I learned of “Bucket List.” I realized that even in my innocent years I am serious about this travelling thing. I totally forgot that I once had a list of countries I wanna visit. This is it, it’s all coming back to me and I think fate made open me this old diary once more to remind me of my dreams and it’s time to make it happen.

The translation goes: “I wanna go to. “

Macau and Hongkong should now be crossed out from the this list.

Reading it, I thought I have successfully learned so much in the past years and will learn some more. Sometimes, there are just pieces of puzzle that you leave at home so you could go back, take that piece and go on wherever you’re going.


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