Sea and Boats

So I’m home and I have a lot of time to appreciate and really look into things around. I can’t believe that it’s only now I realized we have a lot of boats and ships in the house.  I spent ¾ of my life here and it’s weird that I am only noticing them now. Except for these:

Going back, I mean they’re like here forever.

I asked Mother if she knew that the pictures have boats in them and if they are just coincedence, she said no. She purposedly made it that way (Something to do with Dad’s.) I seriously thought it was just a scenery.

I’m not really good at arts appreciation but I think it’s awesome having these pictures like a theme of the house. I like the idea.

I always knew that Mother is not really good at words and she doesn’t like talking about her feelings but do you know what else did I realized?  She’s good expressing it through art. She stitched this some 12 years ago while my father is away. Good job!

Wife patiently waiting for his husband to come home safe and sound. (Wow I could be deep sometimes!)

A picture holds a thousand of meanings depending on the viewers perspective. That picture above, I see love. That’s all for tonight’s thoughts.

I’m not questioning the presence of the boats in each picture because I know exactly why, but why now? Oh my God, could this be a sign?


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