Las Vegas of Asia

(This is part 2, refer here for Part 1)

Gambling is not my thing but I gotta admit I enjoyed every second roaming inside these casinos. I don’t have a photo since we’re not allowed to take pictures inside. But hotels.. here..

I could stare at this building forever. Light colors changes every minute! Inside, of course were gamblers. We have no idea how they play the game. By the way, this night was a girl’s night out (my cousin and my two aunts).

Here, we got out of Grand Lisboa and right outside you’ll see this Casino Lisboa.

We pass by President Casino and Star World Casino but we didn’t get in. Rain started pouring so we didn’t bother to cross the other street where these buildings are located.

I think the best part of our night out was this one. Wynn.

The dancing fountain. I was smiling the whole time this thing was dancing along with the music.

I have like 10 photos of myself with this as the background. I dunno why..

When we got inside, of course we roamed around their casino which was so ‘full of goldy thingy.’ I loved it. I never got to play though, aside from I’m underage, hmm.. not interested.

Then just before we step out, there was this sound that made us go back to the lobby. A ‘show’. I don’t know what do they call it, but there’s a wishing tree that appeared from the bottom and a huge chandelier from the ceiling. Please excuse me but I have to admit, it’s my first time to see an entertainment as amazing as that with a wishing tree. It was jaw dropping! Try to picture it yourself.

There! I threw a coin and wished, though I never believe on that kind of stuff, but you only live once so why not give it a try. What’s the wish? I’ll post a special blog about it, if and only if it came true! I Promise!

We’ve been to these beautiful places just by walking. We feel safe, to be honest. We started at 8PM and got back to our hotel rooms around 1AM. On our way back to where we stay, here are some photos I took until my battery(camera) died.

There are many hotels that we didn’t get to visit like the MGM, City of Dreams and a lot more.

All in all so grand! Looking forward to visit Las Vegas, Nevada.

More hotel visit in the morning. Watch out for it.


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