First Fly Ever

I’ve never been anywhere outside the Philippines. This is my first trip abroad and I believe I must document it.

It was the summer of this year when our family visited Macau. To be honest when I first heard of Macau I pictured that it’s gonna be all about the temples, churches, incense, monks etc. Apparently, it’s not. It’s a mini Las Vegas! Casinos, Hotels, luxury cars and lots of entertainment atleast that’s what I have encountered. But before these grand places we joined a city tour that took us to some historical places.

I kinda ‘crop’ this picture. I don’t want my face here. I actually have a thousand photos from this trip but you don’t want to see all of them posted here do you?!

This trip is special to me. Why? Because..

  1. This is a FAMILY TRIP.
  2. This is my first out of the country trip.
  3. This trip made me realize that it’s time to step out of my comfort zone, that it’s about time to stop thinking what others would say. To do things without buts and what ifs, and just go.
  4. And finally, to break free!

I know it’s weird but there’s just so many things that happened here that made me say these things.

About the hotels,casinos and the night life in Macau, check it out here.


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